IOTO 2014 Summer School Exhibition, DESIRE(D)

Friday, September 5, 2014 

Participating Artists included: 
Lucas Ballester
Tory Cheney
Allana Clarke
Andi L. Crist
Cynthia Post Hunt
Marlo Koch
Rian Lussier
Emma Saperstein
Emerson Sigman
Valentina Vella


Jessica Quintero, 2011, photo credit Adam Brooks

Jessica Quintero, 2011, photo credit Adam Brooks

8-28 August 2015

The Industry of the Ordinary Summer School provides young artists working in performance, installation and other non-traditional mediums extensive opportunities to develop their practice through in-progress presentations, peer-led critiques, visiting artist workshops and formal group exhibition.

IOTO’s long history of immersive and interactive pedagogy has led to several generations of students becoming collaborators and engaged partners within their practice, and the IOTO Summer School seeks to continue this tradition outside of the sometimes constraining structure of institutionalized academia.

This residency program will emphasize the importance of continued discourse between student, peer and faculty post-institution, as well as prepare students for exhibitions and public discourse. In keeping with IOTO’s catholic interests, a variety of contemporary art-making strategies in a range of media will be presented during the first group sessions, often using IOTO’s manifold creative approaches as the starting point of examination. After this initial immersion, students will work on their own projects, meeting regularly with IOTO to facilitate these endeavors.  

Initially a three week program, the residency structure will include group meetings, one-on-one meetings, and a professional development lecture. Participation from visiting artists and professionals in the form of workshops, lectures and other presentations will be included within this structure.*

The Industry of the Ordinary Summer School will take place from 8-28 August 2015 at the Industry of the Ordinary studio and Project Space at MANA Contemporary Chicago.

Registration is now open and being accepted on a first come first serve basis. For more information please download the attachment available above. Reserve your seat via email at